Sunday, December 13, 2009

Street soccer boys

I couldn't have been happier when Tigo fell in love with playing soccer in the streets in the afternoons with his primos. Seriously. I'm dying to have one of my kids like soccer. (I'll regret saying that later I'm sure.)

Here are some of the boys and the cousins (and of course Azalea in front). Tigo is the pale chilito in the turquoise shirt. :)  By the way, Azalea was NOT happy about not being allowed to play. She has no concept about gender, size or age stereotypes. She wanted to be in the game, and quite honestly, I think she could have held her own, if allowed. You GO GIRL!

Here's Tigo with his cousins, Dirceo on left and Eduardo on right. The boys had a lot of fun together even though nobody knew what the other was saying. 

Tigo tending the goal, and Azalea trying to sneak on the street.

Way to go, bud!

Making a run for it!

If it looked like one of the players was a little taller than the others, well that's because it was Elmer.  Someone really has to tell him that he's not 8 years old. (Love you, Honey :) )

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