Thursday, December 10, 2009

Six feet under

More from El Salvador.

Ok, so we've all heard the expression "He's digging his own grave." Not so strange right.

Except when you meet the man who really is digging his own grave. Literally. With a shovel. In a cemetary.

We were headed to San Miguel for the day (which turned out to be a long and awful trip....) and Elmer had to ask his Dad's friend for advice about where to find something in San Miguel and he was told to look in the cemetary for him. So we walk over there and found him. Shovel in hand. He said he had sold his previous plot and this was his new one. Wanted to make sure that there was a place for him when the time came.

Ok, I don't really get it. But in my mind if you are physically capable of digging a grave, short of an accident, you probably won't be laying down in it anytime soon.

I took a picture with him in front of the grave. When I asked if it was ok to do so, he smile and posed with a shovel in front of the hole. Unfortunately that was one of the erase pictures.

I told him he had a good spot, right near the entrance. Everyone who entered could stop and say hello to him.

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