Friday, November 13, 2009

Waiting for us

Elmer left on Tuesday for El Salvador. We sent him a head so that he could go do the things that he can do better when we are not with him.  Go catch Iguana, visit obscure relatives that we don't need to meet, trade cattle, make sure that "everything" is there. Quite honestly it is very nice to have him go ahead, so that I know that all is ok before we get there. Of course I'm always a little nervous when we head to El Salvador.

 (this pic is from our last trip).

When I finally talked to him after he got there he told me a little bit about the happenings in the country. Last weekend some of the remnants of Hurricane Ida hit the country. The "remnants" turned out to be much worse than the Hurricane itself. Massive flooding and mudslides swept through parts of the small country and wiped out a town an many roads and bridges. Luckily Villa Dolores, his home town where the in-laws are and where we are staying, was not directly hit. But the bridge that leads to the town across Rio Titiquapa was completely wiped out. (Pictures to come upon my return.) And many other rock slides occurred making roads impassible.

One thing, Elmer told me, that I find interesting is the town that got wiped out and 130 people where killed and buried had an American Peace Corp worker. This wasn't on the news, but there is another Peace Corp worker in Dolores who told Elmer of this. Apparently the town received a warning from the weather advisory center that they should evacuate. But the only person that left was the Peace Corp worker. He walked for hours in the pouring rain to leave the area. Where he ended up, I have no idea. But all the people of the town remained and many people were buried under a mudslide and rubble so deep they likely won't be evacuated. I find it interesting that no one else left. Was it because the Americans are more used to warning advisories sent out from public officials? Or did the people feel like they had too much invested in their homes and didn't want to leave them?

I am so grateful that we were not in the country during the storm. For certain this will alter our travel plans, but who knows in what respect. Crops were wiped out an major destruction coupled with hunger is going on. No doubt the increase in major Hurricane storms is caused by global warming. Extreme weather systems on the rise.

Well, I'm still waiting for my passport. Did I mention that? Yes it hasn't arrived yet. Yes, the kids and I are supposed to be leaving tomorrow. Oh, only slightly concerned....

Oh yes, and did I mention that El Salvador is now a "safe" country in Central America. What exactly does safe mean anymore? Oh boy the world is a crazy place.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friday, November 6, 2009

So easy...

"You know what's easy for me, Mom?"
"What's that, Azalea?"
"It's really easy for me to love dogs."

What's not to love?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween in Review

Our new neighborhood is pretty fun when it comes to Halloween. Of course Halloween if pretty fun almost anywhere when you are 4, 7 & 9. But there are some extra efforts around our part of town...

The week before Halloween, Lola and Tigo's elementary school have a a Fall Fiesta. I ended up working most of it, and the kids ran wild with there friends and Elmer trying to keep track of them.

The next day we went to a pumpkin patch in Corrales, a little town on just North on the other side of the river. There was a Corn Maze, and a little petting area, where a minature horse chomped on Azalea's finger (she was NOT happy about it) and a horse drawn carriage around the fields with all the glory around of the mountains and the corn fields and yet another beautiful sunny day in New Mexico.
Did I mention it was another gorgeous day in New Mexico?
It was, as just about everyday here is.

Then after that, we walked to our neighbors house for a neighborhood pumpkin carving party.

Once Halloween arrived Azalea woke up in the morning and said
"Mom today can't be Halloween, it's not dark outside." (it was 7am).

The kids have told me that when you decorate your house for Halloween, you aren't supposed to let anyone see you... another mystery...

We also had a plethora of home-made decorations from some of the left over packing boxes. Only problem was the breif snow storm we had earlier in the week got the cardboard a little soggy... but still pretty fun to create. And the trick or treaters seemed to really like them. This one is a tombstone with a ghost peeking out that Tigo made all himself.

Having Halloween on a Saturday is a hard day's wait. When it's on a school day, they are kept pretty busy. But being around all day, WAITING and WAITING. I did my best to keep them busy, but their thoughts always turned to the party we were going to at 4pm and the trick or treating to follow.

Can you say "sassy"?

We'll they weren't so happy about me making them sit in the sun, for their picture when there was a Halloween party happening just one block away!! What kind of mother am I anyhow?

Boba Fett (Star Wars), Vampire and Scary Vampire.

Did you really think the kids would let the puppies get away with out a costume....?
Coyo was a cow. Complete with udders. He just wouldn't let us take his pic so much.

Zepp was fire dog. He was pretty cute marching around the neighborhood.

Elmer dressed up as a golfer. He's been working on the outfit all year, trying to get it just right...

So I don't have any pictures of the actually Halloween trick or treating. But "my Land!" Kids practically get bussed in from all over the city to come to our neighborhood. Serious trick or treating going on -all ages. It is like Georgetown for kids and parents. Only drunk college students are missing. But just as much craziness. There was a non-stop flow of traffic to our house when we were there. Other wise we waded through the crowds, desperately trying to keep a fine line of balance between not losing any of the kids when there were potty breaks, keeping up with friends, costume adjustments, different rates of running from house to house.

I actually think (know) the kids got a lot less candy this year than in our old neighborhood. Combination of the houses being further apart and all the craziness. I also think going to the party ahead of time wore them out a little and they didn't "work" so hard. :) Just fine with me...