Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Spirits

So it's not just all El Salvador around here. It's just that I've got to write it down before I forget... so there will be more, like it or not.

But we are celebrating Christmas around these parts, and having a pretty good time at it too. I've been trying to get the kids involved with making some crafty presents. Which isn't too hard to do. They are kids after all, and art is fun. Art is fun for everyone, it's just that adults often forget the fun part to it. Anyhow, here are some picks:

Some crafty mosaic frames, painted and decorated by 4-9 year olds.

Gingerbread house making. Really as soon as I mentioned this they were sitting anxiously around the table and behaving so nicely. If only that were still the case after the sugar rush wore off. But really they had a blast. And it actually turned out to be the best one they've made to date.

We've got two new family members and two visiting family members (for Christmas) so we need to make sure that Santa knows where to put their goodies. So we made them some stockings and hung them by the fire place.

And of course we decorated the tree! It's actually been up for quite a while now. Here's Lola putting the star on top of the tree. After being in denial for the last few years about needing a new tree topper, I finally allowed Lola to pick one out. Each year the kids take turns on putting the last ornament up. Now the star on top. They never forget from year to year whose turn it is. Priorities, I tell you.

Here's the my attempt to get them to take a family picture. They are so over me and the camera. Unfortunate for them they've got at least another good 14 years of picture posing left in them, until Azalea graduates from high school.

As good as it gets, I suppose.

And we must make sure that everyone gets either a nice Christmas story told to them or a jolly good carole sung. Lola has put herself in charge of holiday entertainment. Entertainment also includes Lola's gymnastics routines, dancing by Azalea, and jokes from Tigo.

And of course the regular holiday wrestling matches...
Never a dull moment.

Ho Ho Ho

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