Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We went to Carefree, Arizona a few weeks ago for a "business trip". It was a great excuse to get out of town and see a little different area of Arizona. A bit different than deeper into Scottsdale and Phoenix. Some friends gave us their home to stay in during our visit. Sooo kind.

We got to see some wildlife that we don't get in the high desert.

Yes those are Javalinas. (Don't say the "J")
We also say lots of quail and even a bobcat! Yes a stinking bobcat. Apparently wild cats are pretty common in the Sonoran desert. The kids and I saw one strolling past the house and Elmer saw one on the golf course waiting to pounce on some quail. Which also means that we saw lots of quail.

Swimming, outdoors, in January. Another anomally.

Gorgeous sunset. Picture does not justice. And I took it while driving. Probably another initiative that should be taken on. Instead of no texting and driving, it should be no photographing and driving.

Dancing in the waterfalls.

Yes, this was too good, to pass up. Carefree, no shooting.