Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve and Luminarias

Only a little catching up to do...

Christmas eve was great. We ended up pulling a lot of it together at the last minute. I feel like I say that a lot...


We had some friends over for dinner. My old college friend Lisa and her family, who live two streets over from us now. And their neighbors across the street, Carmela and Mark, whose daughter happens to be Azalea's favorite friend here in Albuquerque.

But before their arrival, we spent pretty much all of the day, baking, cooking, preparing, cleaning and filling up bags of sand. Our neighborhood is quite beautiful on Christmas eve. While many people decorate their homes with holiday lights and decorations, on Christmas eve they are all turned off and they give way to the luminarias.


We joined in the fun this year with well over 100 bags filled with sand and candles. Lining the street and in front of our house and the walkway up to our door, along the porch and down the driveway...

We toured the neighborhood with temps in the 10s. Shivering but enjoying the lights. People even drive down the street with their headlights turned off, in respect of the candles and luminarias.

It was really great to spend Christmas eve with the kids all playing and having a great time. One of my oldest friends from college, new friends in town, and the beautiful family of my own. All in our new home, with beauty all around.
I am blessed.

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