Thursday, May 20, 2010

Perfect Spring Afternoon


Snuggled up in the north Jemez Mountains, just beyond the Tent Rocks turn off is a magical apple farm. 
 Dixon Apple Farm is past the valley and before the canyon and right on the edge of paradise. Surrounded by steep cliffs, grown with volcanic soil and left for the cottonwood breeze, we spent a most amazing afternoon here.
and Luke (on the left) had an amazing birthday celebration!
Yes, triplets!
How luck are they!
The tractors were waiting for us to load up and ride down into the valley and play in the orchard.
The kids could barely contain themselves on the ride out!
Loaded up and ready to go.
Spring in New Mexico.

Becky is a third generation apple grower. Her grandparents bought this land and started the orchard. Her father was raised here and then left for a life in engineering in Minnesota. When Becky turned 18 her grandmother died and she went to live on this very rural farm with only her gramps for 8 years learning the trade. She and her husband are now living there with their 3 kids, the 4th generation. They grow the best apples in New Mexico, live an amazing, beautiful life and homeschool their kids who are now 8, 10 & 12.  
I asked her oldest son (who drove this Amish horse & carriage) what he liked best about living on the farm. "Everything". He told me it was the best place he could imagine. Loved everything around him. Some people might like living in town, but this is the place for me, he said. (Btw, town- has about 300 people).
Poor Lola wasn't feeling so good. 
The cotton floating through the sky from the trees. Gave the feel that you were in an absolute dream.
Unfortunately it also gave Lola an absolute migraine from the allergies.
She managed to pull herself together to ride a horse.
(and then she rode again, and again, and again, and....)
Here is Tigo's team in a crazy barnyard pick-up-peanuts game. 
Oink! Oink!
I think it is safe to say that all the kids, and parents too, had an amazing time celebrating this birthday!
Then it was time to go back home again. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cinco de Amaya

These pictures were taken last week at the Cinco de Mayo fiesta given by the bilingual classes at Lola and Tigo's school. Only Lola is in the bilingual program this year.
 The kids are preparing for their dance.
I have to say that this was SOOOOO cute! Not just Lola's class. But all the kids were ridiculously adorable. 
 Other than this picture, I only felt right really taking pictures of Lola's class. Didn't want to seem like a stalker mom.
Almost all the outfits were handmade by one of the teachers and her mother. The others were handmade by someone else. All the outfits were gorgeous and adorable.
And of course Lola, her teacher and two of her friends are all gorgeous and adorable too!
She's not supposed to be looking and acting so grown up.
And look at this Mariachi, eying my girl.... hmmm.
Even though we are Salvadoran around these parts, not Mexican, it's pretty hard to tell the difference in these fancy dresses. Azalea did not want to miss out on all the fun. The girl likes to perform, even if she's not the one on stage.
Azalea also wanted to act traditional. So she carried our dessert on her head. Unfortunately, I used an old plastic berry container that had holes on the bottom. I knew we weren't getting it back so I wanted to use something I didn't care about. I wasn't counting on her carrying the peanut butter bars on her head. Afterward it looked as it she had been in a peanut butter pit. (The dogs helped clean her up later!)
If we stay at Alvarado next year... which is in a big question right now, Tigo gets to join the fun. For now, he has no problem enjoying the after-party.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Jemez Springs

Yesterday was another beautiful day in New Mexico.
I had wanted to go to Tent Rocks for Mother's Day. But relying too much on modern technology instead of the old fashion way of asking for directions, our GPS had other plans for us.
Just as well. The Jemez mountains are gorgeous. 
 I almost think they should call them the Christmas Mountains. They are covered with bright red rock and lush evergreen trees growing abundantly. 
 The river was flowing rapidly from all the snow melt. And we thoroughly played in the forest and at her banks. 
It was a great day.