Sunday, February 21, 2010


The Natural History Museum of New Mexico has a fun little class called Prehistoric Preschool. Azalea and I got to take the class and then learn all about fun dinosaurs from New Mexico and beyond.
Occasionally transformed into a Dino.

 Became a Paleontologist searching for bones.

Created a Quad-clops Azaleaosaurus

Learned to walk like a Dino

Saw the world through bug eyes

Peered down on the Prehistoric World

And she was pretty darn excited about being a snake handler.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Gigi would have been 91 today. Her first birthday missed. She is missed but still being loved on.

She was the last direct maternal lineage that I had going. While my Aunts and older female cousins are still around, it doesn't seem right that I'm 35 and the oldest female in the direct line of my family. Of course I will carry this title for another 60 years, but still seems like a lot of responsibility.  But then again so is driving a car, and I can do that ok.

Gigi, Granmama, Gruhmama, Mom, Marie,

Four Generations of Love

Lola and Gigi in 2002
She was always dressed so festive for the holidays. Shiny too!

With some of her Great Grandkids in 2005

Azalea's first Christmas in 2005

Ok this is a Nutcracker. But she gave it to Tigo one year for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. Loves pulling it out each year and talking about how Gigi gave it to him.

Gigi, Sebby and Lola in 2007
2 of the 3 boys.
Ava Marie Bullock Brock

Friday, February 19, 2010


While my friends and family are covered in snow in Virginia. I saw my first peak of spring this week.
 A sweet little yellow crocus poke through the grass while Azalea and I played.
There is a Robin in the bush.
 Even some eggs are beginning to hatch.
As the days are getting longer, little by little. The afternoons are more relaxing. Certainly more of a peacefulness around.  
The true Spring is still a ways off. But it gives me hope for warmth and sunny days to come!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


In honor of Valentine's day tomorrow, here are some things I love:

The obvious:
My sweet mama
El Diablo
My angel
My munchichi
My angel baby
The crazy dogs
My layered up, always chatting dad
Sweet VA
Big bro
Aunt D
All the little cuzs out there and those on their way
Unca Huntie
All my family near and especially those that are far

I also love:
People who aren't afraid to try to do the worm in public
George P Funk Clinton
Stealing Arizona
Purple and Orange together
fresh air
reading alone in the sun on a nice day (like this ever happens)
listening to 4 year olds have serious conversations
Georgia O'keefe
Walking out into a burst of humidity from inside an air conditioned building.
hardwood floors
warm fires
tomato soup
dental floss
the smell of snow before it comes
birds waking me up in the morning
mountain hikes
comfortable shoes
talking with old friends from years ago and it being like yesterday
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Dr. Suess
raking leaves ( i actually do)
margaritas in the summer
Grateful Dead
anything hand made
hot tea
cool water
garlic bread
homemade burritos
green chiles
the lure of the mountains
old friends
guitars on the front porch, or back
toothless grins
fresh start
real lemonade
sweet tea
dogwood trees

I'm afraid this list could go on forever. I may add to this with time. Why not.

I love you, too.