Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rag Rug with Love

Ok, anybody who has known me for a while, knows that I HATE (yes strong word) to get rid of things. I don't like to think of myself as a packrat. I do hate clutter. But I don't like throwing anything away if I think that it has another life somewhere else.
A beginning pile of fabric cut into 2 inch wide strips before being sewn together end to end.

This was the very beginning. Before I knew what I was getting myself into.
Handme downs are awesome. But now that my child-bearing days are over I have a bunch of clothes that I can't necessarily give to other people.
Before the braids got a chance to make to the rug,the kids got a hold of them and wrapped up my head.
Braided rug. Braid head.
 It's one thing to give your own child the older siblings old shirt with the stains, but another family's stains don't work as good when you are passing along clothes. Nor do soccer jersey t-shirts. 
Here are some of the many rolls that I have created to braid, braid braid.

And it's pretty easy to fold right up and put away when I'm not doing it.
(Though I really like seeing it out.)
Sooooooo, in the spirit of reusing, I've been working on a braided rag rug made entirely out of old clothes that might not have had another life, except as well... a rag. Stains are hidden. Holes are avoided and Floors are covered.

You can see the braided strap that has yet to be attached.The fabric was connected in No order. Everything was completely random.

It's still growing. And growing. It has definitely been a labor of love.
I could tell you a story about each one of the materials in here. Who wore it. Where it came from. How long it's been there. What stains where on the shirt. How soft it was.

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