Saturday, November 12, 2011

"Our" farm

It's not really our farm. But I still like to call it that. Less than two miles from our home, even shorter as the bird flies is the farm that we go to, to pick up our CSA allotment. The site that we go to is a small portion of the larger farmer that rests a few more miles south in Albuquerque's South Valley. I'm not as versed with it other than when Tigo and I went to the bee keeping class last year.
 The drive into the farm is really quite picturesque. There is all an Inn. What I am told is a nice, high end Inn for travelers and conferences. But small enough and quaint enough, to house and comfort weary travelers.

The view is to die for.

The charm is complete.

Yes we came just in time for a gigantic 16lb baby goat to be born!
Can you say, Ouch.
Just ignore my Ghostbuster comment I made to Azalea as we watched...
And here is Christine, who I absolutely adore. She is a kick-ass homeschooling mama that raises all these sweet animals on the farm. Started out as a little 4H project with her kids and she has really run with it. Knows just about all related to goats, chickens, pigs, and the such.
And can I say that her older son graduated from home high school at 14 this spring and is now enrolled in the local college. Son 2 is on the same track.

How can you not love baby goats. Fresh out of the oven. So sweet.

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