Thursday, November 3, 2011

Baby loving

So here are some baby gifts that I sent out earlier this fall. Pretty much the same idea. With a spruced up burp cloth/ travel changing pad with a personalized shirt with an original applique and super awesome reversible pants.
I have to say that I absolutely love each of these.

Sock monkeys are one of the mama's fav things.

Shirt pant set. with cute little side pocket matching the reversed side.

Banana applique. Yum.

Can't tell from these bad pictures but the pants are reversible with the banana fabric. The pants can also be worn for a long time as the babe grows since the pant cuff can be folded up and the waist is stretchy elastic.

Skull & cross bone applique for the tough little newborn.
Actually this set was made large so it could be worn as the babe got a little older.

Matching burp cloth.

Shirt and cloth combo.

Totally my favorite pants ever. Wish I could get away with wearing soft blue velour pants with reversible skull and crossbones. I'm afraid as that the only adult who could or would get away with this might be a pirate. (or Hugh Heffner)

Unknown gender of the newborn. Forget pink or blue, lets go with Red and Orange.

Parents met and made baby in California. But moved to home sweet Virginia to have and raise babe.
Love having the two states there.

A little closer view.

Again reversible pants. Super duper soft fuzzy brown cotton and smooth batik interior.

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