Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beekeeper in training

Through very little persuasion Tigo and I convinced each other to go take a bee keeping class last weekend.

After having studied bees this past year at school, Tigo was officially the bee nerd in the class. I was so proud.
Whenever there was a question, Tigo was the first to raise his hand to answer the questions and the last person to stay at the end to continue asking his own questions. 
Tigo almost convinced me to get our own bees. I would actually very interested in us keeping bees. 
 Unfortunately due to our current unstable nature, it's probably best not to take in any more living creatures.

We also learned about the amazing properties of pollen to build up your body's immunity to allergies. So Lola and Elmer will have their new "Claritin" found in this form.
A couple of grains of this little by little will keep those sniffling noses and foggy heads away forever.

Uh-oh, we might be getting bees next spring. We'll have to do the follow up extended class.

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