Sunday, October 16, 2011

When a hummingbird lands on your finger

So, it's really not as magical as it sounds. At least not in the setting that we were in. It just seemed staged because it happened so easily. Still pretty darn cool.

On top of Sandia Crest, more than 10,000 feet about sea level, 5,000 about Albuquerque things might come a little bit easier. Some things except getting there.

And catching your breathe from the views and altitude.

The sky is a little different color up here. A little bluer. A little cleaner.

Even though it's so much colder at the top of the mountain, the hummingbirds like to hang here before the weather turns. (btw, the weather has turned and these pics are from the end of august, not this week)
At the "station" at the top, where Mustang drivers meet to show of their engines, and Harley riders go to check out the view, and youth groups go to experience nature and families go to savour the last days of summer the hummingbirds gather by the hundreds and enjoy the sugary food to savour their small souls. And if you are patient. Which is hard for a young child. But if you wait and don't scream with joy when it is about to happen... you might be lucky enough for a fast little hummingbird to land on your finger and push your heart to the next level.

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