Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mesa Verde

So somehow I miss Mesa Verde on here from our trip to Colorado way back when. So we'll go back in time a little. Not just Mesa Verde back in time, but for us as well. This day Elmer went to play golf, as he did/does on most days and the kids and I went out for an adventure. I've forgotten all my facts and statistics, but since we started at 6512 for Durango's elevation, we trekked up a couple thousand more feet in addition to that. So we were really up on the high Colorado plateau. Pretty awesome.
Little outlook on the way up to the plateau
Here the kids are at their first overlook before we head down there to check it all out.
Getting a little closer to the dwellings after scaling some rock ledges. But really not too bad, and I get pretty nervous about my kids and ledges.
I think our guide said something like 1000 people lived here at one point. Crazy.
You know what else is crazy? Me taking a picture of Lola, and thinking she might smile for it.

Can't you see how much fun they are having! True joy.

Climbing between "houses"

Desert cactus in bloom

Hair the color of the sky. Oh yeah, and snow capped peaks in the background.
Underground rooms
Take a look

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