Saturday, October 15, 2011


A lifetime of tinkering can lead to some interesting things. On the east side of the Sandias, just off the Turquoise Trail is this quirky little place that has been created by a lifetime.

Walls built with used bottles.
Jerry Garcia esque reinvention.
a place to ponder with one of your best buds.
Sometimes I feel guilty walking through here quickly. Even if it can be a little creepy at times. But there is so much detail and wonder that when you press the button to "make it go" you never know what will go.
 The old school fortune teller told her that the next stop we'd take was up to the Sandia Crest to check on the hummingbirds before the migrated for the cooler weather.
My favorite
But not with out giving us a last mantra to feel good and carry on.

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