Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Volcanos on the Edge of Town

Just before school started for Azalea and Tigo, we when went just past the edge of Albuquerque to that place on the horizon you watch when the sun goes down.

Literally. The dormant volcanos that make their home in a place the government calls the Petroglyphs National Monument. This part is further away, but really not far at all.

Far enough that you feel removed and remote with a beautiful vista.

An easy little hike that can make even the smallest of hikers and the biggest of complainers feel like they conquered a feat.

A nice place for 5-8 year olds to have intellectual discussions about the creation of the mountains.
(Tigo has so good nerdy friends on his brainiac wavelength)

Poor little lizards get chased by dogs. Some are luckier than others.

A small little cave to hide from the sun and pretend the dinosaurs lived their. While my science needs to be checked I believe these volcanos may be post dinosaur time. It's still fun to believe like Sting sings. "Walking in their footsteps"

And a nice way to call it a day.

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