Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Jemez Again

When it is important to get out of the house for the day and bring all children and canines alike along, the Jemez is a good place to go.
I always think that it is closer than it really is. Either way, it is worth the journey. The colors and the landscape are truly amazing. It's a canyon in New Mexico that I really love. The landscape is not like many others. The rocks are as red as you might see them at Red Rocks, Colorado. But the glory and the glamour are hidden in the trees.
I was telling a friend about something I admired about Albuquerque. She joked that "oh, there's something you like about new mexico". I find I'm too critical in conversation. It's so easy to point out the troubles rather to embrace the beauties. At least in conversation.
When I commit to writing, I try to be more positive. Unfortunately though, I noticed my spoken word has been less than soothing.
Deeper into the mountains, there is more water than in most places here in New Mexico and a little magic thrown in. Sometimes it takes a little more searching to find the treasures. But they are out there waiting to be discovered. 
Sadly, the waters ran dark. The kids joked that it looked like Willy Wonka's Chocolate River.
It really did. But not quite so tasty. The rivers ran muddy from the aftermath of the fires this summer.

 This river flows from Los Alamos where a large fire forced evacuation of the entire town and caused so much damage. Sadness. People were saved. But the land was ruined. Altered from natures original intention.  These waters usually run crystal clear. Clean and deliciousness.

There is so much debate about fire supression. Let it burn for rejuvenation or supress and enjoy. But eventually it will catch up and the "big one" will come too close.
I love the look on Azalea's face. She had just fallen in the water and we went back to the car to dry off. The dogs are watching to eagerly for their cue to jump out of the car and go play the others.
Only moments before the thunder which claimed the end to this part of the adventure.
One final stop for Indian fry bread on the way home at the roadside stand.
Don't forget the honey!

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