Friday, August 26, 2011

Active Art in Albuquerque

I was waiting for my yoga class to begin and had some weird in between time that I didn't want to waste, but I wanted to fill and wanted to use it. I brought my computer and pulled up to see if I could get some Wifi. Probably should have been able to, but I can't get my stupid settings to work.  Anyhow, I had driven past a wooden picket fence.
But it wasn't an ordinary wooden picket fence. Each piece was painted a different color.
 And then I looked up and I saw a mural that I had noticed before and I spun my head around.
There, surrounding me, noticed yet very unappreciated was active art in my city.
Not active in that it was in motion, but active in that it was displayed in broad public places for all to see. You did not have to go into a museum or a studio to view.
I decided to quickly circle the 2 city blocks near downtown albuquerque that encompass my yoga class.
I was quite amazed at the murals.
And the tile work on the sides of buildings.
There was detail on shops.
There was even a sad billboard in the mix. (I feel I have to put it in for truth's sake)
I had my Iphone with me, so as you noticed, I started snapping pictures.
I couldn't get to all of the murals.
Then there was this blank brick wall. It was an old wall no doubt. But it began to look oddly artistic in it's non-painted way. 
Even in alley ways. (This one is harder to see. But it is of two ravens, the one on the far side is upside down.)
There were so many. I was truly impressed with the art and the positive messages that were being displayed throught the artwork on the sides of buildings.
All before my first vinyasa of the day.

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