Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 in Review

What a crazy, craxy, year!

Obama gets Inaugurated, excited, but we skip town for the party and go sledding in Shenandoah Co.

I start sewing again and Azalea is my #1 model.

More outings to Great Falls

We celebrate Easter and have a super Egg Hunt in the back yard.
And more trips to the mountains.

We sadly say goodbye to my first "baby" and an amazing dog.
Sorely missed everyday. Love you Pancho!

Saying goodbye to our house... end of an era.
Lola finishes 3rd grade, Tigo finishes Kinder and Azalea completes her first year in Preschool.

Living with Grandstan for the month of July.
Urban playgrounds, Lemonade sales, trips to VA Beach, golf tourneys won, 4th of July celebrations, Lola turns 9, lots of Virginia trips, goodbye VA...

Road trip across the US.
We start exploring New Mexico
around Albuquerque and Santa Fe.
Lola and Tigo start at their new Elementary School.
New friends are made, mountains are climbed.

The month of Amaya Birthdays...
Elmer (87), Azalea (4), Holly (93) & Tigo(7)!
We of moved into our new home in Albuquerque, adopted two super sweet puppies,
had our first visitors out here! (Waiting for you, though!)
Lola, Tigo and Azalea start gymnastics and LOVE it!
I've become a gymnastics mom.

Balloon Fiesta, School Fun Fair, Halloween, pumpkin carving, walks in the fields, desert fall, warm days.
(I get to take a trip to Boston & Martha's Vineyard to see my very old and dear friends!)

Biggest highlight is our trip to El Salvador. Amazing, amazing for all of us.
Azalea also starts a new preschool and meets new friends! Hooray!
It was very sad though to have no real Thanksgiving.

Return from Central America to see that Albuquerque does in fact get very cold! Very cold.
Celebrate Christmas in our new home.
Enjoy the company of friends new and old and a great visit from Grandstan and Valeri.

What do you have 2010? 
Can't wait to find out what's in store! 

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  1. Hi, Holly, Elmer, Lola, Tigo and Azalea! Happy New Year! Thanks so much for the holiday card - what an exciting year you all had! We're glad that you're doing so well and that you're enjoying Albuquerque! Here's to a happy, fun and healthy 2010! All our best - Cabell and Cara :)