Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Commute

I really think that I have about the best commute on the planet. Well, sure there probably are some that come pretty close, but what do you think?

The vehicle (one of two) and my HOV passenger:

So in the morning, Azalea and I walk Lola and Tigo to school. It's just over half mile. Flat and easy and a good way to ease into the morning air.

Azalea now goes to a great little preschool. It is located on the other side of "the fields" from the elementary school. The fields are just that.

Fields of public space that has a spot for the public to garden, the elementary kids to garden and to learn about gardening, corn fields, sunflowers and other stuff that doesn't get eaten too much by humans. There are farm roads that traverse the field, that are basically walking paths for folks to go for walks, take their bikes out, take their dogs or even take their horses out. But an integral part of the fields' existence is to provide a winter nesting place for the migratory Sandhill Cranes.


The "ditch" lines part of the fields so there is water fed to the fields from Spring to Fall. The ditch has been there for decades, so therefore there are very old very beautiful cottonwood trees that are all along the outskirts of the fields....

With the mountains in the background and those gorgeous Sandhill Cranes with their amazing bodies and vibrant voices piercing the air. It's really gorgeous.

Occasionally on our way home we take a small detour and pick up our CSA food at our farm, which is literally around the corner.

Los Poblanos Organics. It's an excellent little farm.
It's great to be a part of and delicious, healthy, local food, too. 

Azalea likes to go there so she can see a few more of her animal friends. Though she would much prefer to be on the same side of the fence as the turkey, goats, chickens, etc...

Way better than bumper to bumper on the beltway.

But occasionally there is a traffic accident and we have to get out of the vehicle and wait.
Mostly just to do some more birdwatching though.

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