Friday, January 8, 2010

Mulligan or the Real New Year

I'm not quite sure that I qualify for a Mulligan. I'm not lost in the woods, nor am I out of bounds. I know where my figurative ball is lying and generally speaking it's fair play. I'm just not sure that I took my first stroke of the year with enough strength, focus, determination and intention to really make me a contender.  So I'd like a do-over.

Actually, I don't really want a do-over. Do-overs really aren't fair and in a true situation there are no do-overs. Not when it counts. I just would like to give myself a better life playing position for the new year. So maybe I should follow something along the lines of the Chinese New Year. As we all know, the Chinese do not have the new year switch with the calender year. And since I know that there are great things on the horizon for 2010, I'd like to begin properly.

With love, laughter, creativity, strength, focus, determination, and intention. Oh yeah, no yelling either. :)

With this in mind, Happy New Year. - Whenever yours begins.

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  1. Bret sent me this link, and I so enjoyed looking at all of your pictures and reading your interesting commentary!! It sounds like you all are having a wonderful life...........very adventurous too!!! I can't wait to read more!!