Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Los Animalitos de El Salvador

Only a small sampling of the creatures that we came across in our most recent adventure. These are from both the mountains and the coastal regions.
Beautiful yellow finch.
 These funky chickens had no feathers around their neck. It is a common breed in El Salvador. No, it wasn't disease, though I did ask "are you sure?" more than once. There were also chickens with plenty of neck plumes.
Do you see the baby chick sitting on it's mama's back. So sweet.
I don't know what's on the other side of this window, but it's gotta be something good. This iguana came and went out of this window all week long.
 Oh this poor little lizard was caught by Azalea. He had no chance.
 No, she didn't actually eat it. But she had a lot of fun pretending like she was going to.
 The only reason this sign tells you not to drink the water is because it was outside a hotel. You can pretty much confirm that all water you see is not drinkable... even if it comes out of a tap.
 I almost stepped on these things walking down the street. Tails of lizards that were lined up and left in the street. Fresh pulls as you can see from the bright red on the black and grey tail.
 A little crab found by the ocean.
 You can't tell from this picture, but this horse was one of the tiniest full grown horses I've ever seen. Is there such thing as a pygmy horse? This would be it.
 Vacas, vacas y mas vacas.
Cows are everywhere.
 Yes, and they were getting intimate with Tigo and his salty skin.
Vultures, circling everywhere. But it was a little creepy with them waiting outside the cemetery.
A little tiny hermit crab, that made Azalea cry like the end of the world when he crawled out of his shell and died. So sad.
I almost forgot to post a picture of a stray dog wandering the streets. There are so many of these everywhere, that they are almost unremarkable in their presence. Oh the dogs there give me such a different view of the canine world. Wild and domestic at the same time. But that is how El Salvador is. Domestically wild, and living on the brink.

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