Tuesday, November 20, 2012

La Finca Familia / The Family Farm

On the road to the farm, the cemetery is to the left and Abuelo's corral is to the right.
 We waited for the cows to come down from the upper fields. Abuelo's farm helper and my nephew Hery, went to round up the cows.
 They get pretty excited to come down. They are trained to know that they will get salt, a special treat. So they are excited to come.
Hery slowly riding down to see us. 
I thought for sure it was burro or a donkey that he was riding.
 But it was just a tiny little horse, full grown, and fit for a little boy.
And here, the separation of the mamas and the babies begin. The babies are brought to the corral for the night so they won't drink their mama's milk until the morning after they are milked for sale and share.

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