Tuesday, November 20, 2012

At the corral

The young calves are separated from their mamas in the afternoon, so that the mamas can build up their milk supply until they are milked in the morning.
The calves line up to eat the grass in the corral.
 All the kids want to go for a ride on the little pygmy horse.
 Elmer took Azalea out into the fields where apparently she asked to have this poor little guy run at full speed. I'm kind of glad that I wasn't there to watch my babe run like that bare back. Apparently she wanted to keep doing it over and over.
 Tigo's turn.
Azalea gets a saddle and gets to ride around the corral on her own. Granted this horse was so perfect in size and temperament, she did pretty amazing on controlling this guy.
Azalea and Lola. 
So the kids wouldn't wake up for the 4am morning milking, but they still said they wanted a go at it.
 Thing is, this was a little baby cow, and there was no milk. Fondling of cow teats.
Abuelo and Elmer watching the crazy people of mine.
 Is that a cow? Um yes, actually it is a cow. Normally you people don't ride cows you say. Yeah, that's pretty accurate. Maybe it's early training for the bull riding.... No, I'm not going to encourage that.
In the end, salty, sweaty hands make a little boy feel loved.
What's next?

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