Sunday, June 13, 2010

So Cold it Burns

That's not something you think to say very often when the air temps up around 103 degrees.

There have been record breaking temps here in New Mexico this past week. Of course we wouldn't know the difference since it's our first go around. So all these "oddities" we are told, we take for the norm. At least for now. This past week it's been crazy hot. Well over a 100 degrees. Wasn't that the reason we decided against Arizona? Well one of them at least. I regress. It's been over a 100 degrees, so last weekend we decided to drive to the North end of the Sandia Mountains, just past Placitas and up to a little swimming hole so the kids could cool off and have some fun. The dogs would be able to come along, run free and have fun too. 
So we pack some water bags and some snacks and headed for the mountains.
The crazy thing about the Rocky Mountains, or any big mountain, especially in an dry climate, the temps can change drastically. While we didn't go very high into the mountains, the water that we went to visit was snow melt. And well, it still felt like you were swimming in liquid snow.
Before I got to the water, Lola runs up to me and says "It's so cold it BURNS!" She was right. The water was heart stopping, take your breath away, freeze your limbs in an instant cold.
Of course I think Tigo is a future member of one of those Polar Plunge swimming groups, so the cold water had no effect on him as he scaled the waterfalls.
He would have kept going, if he could have. Well, he could have, but I wouldn't let him.
The roar of the water for even a creek this size was really unbelievable. Sound barely traveled and was muffled and taken away. All your secrets are swallowed up into the water.
And then later lapped up by passing canines. Canines, who are in absolute heaven in this here water.
These growing feet were frozen in time and held onto just outside of Placitas.
Content Zepp all the way home.

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