Sunday, May 2, 2010

The following program will not be televised

Way back for Easter, the kids were upset that there was not a parade on TV that they could watch. I'm not sure where the big desire to see one came from. We had seen Thanksgiving day Parades and New Years Day parades, and probably the Rose Bowl. But honestly they never really paid attention for more than a couple minutes. Maybe it was seeing the real life parade at Disney. Yeah Disney is good at making impressions. Anyhow... the kids made their own Easter parade.

It was stinking cute how they worked on it.


I know, I know. It's really just a bunch of pictures of Littlest Pet Shops. But it reminds me how cute the kids are when they get their own idea, work together, and create something in a loving, collaborative way. I didn't help. Nor did I take these photos. But I was requested to post them.

Happy Belated Easter folks.

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