Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sometimes plans change

I had plans to work in the yard today.
This was before I had the fear of the land put into me.

Way back when I was an environmental consultant for the DOD. I went to a conference that included a section on Herpetology. All the folks in the audience took a survey answering questions relative to their feelings towards snakes. They tallied the results and told us that there was only one person in the audience that was "very scared" of snakes (as phrased on the questionnaire). That was me.

When we were selling our house in VA we had lots of snake encounters. Even a baby snake turned up in our kitchen one morning. Snake skin in the utility room, probably from it's mama. And our old awesome neighbor Mark became my go-to snake handler when Elmer wasn't home.
I had to call him on more than one occasion.

Some other neighbors told me that snakes show up when you are going through a period of transition. 
This was certainly the case last year. I'm not sure if this is still the case.

Or it just means that it's spring, and snakes are coming out again. And, oh yeah. I moved to the desert.

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