Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cinco de Amaya

These pictures were taken last week at the Cinco de Mayo fiesta given by the bilingual classes at Lola and Tigo's school. Only Lola is in the bilingual program this year.
 The kids are preparing for their dance.
I have to say that this was SOOOOO cute! Not just Lola's class. But all the kids were ridiculously adorable. 
 Other than this picture, I only felt right really taking pictures of Lola's class. Didn't want to seem like a stalker mom.
Almost all the outfits were handmade by one of the teachers and her mother. The others were handmade by someone else. All the outfits were gorgeous and adorable.
And of course Lola, her teacher and two of her friends are all gorgeous and adorable too!
She's not supposed to be looking and acting so grown up.
And look at this Mariachi, eying my girl.... hmmm.
Even though we are Salvadoran around these parts, not Mexican, it's pretty hard to tell the difference in these fancy dresses. Azalea did not want to miss out on all the fun. The girl likes to perform, even if she's not the one on stage.
Azalea also wanted to act traditional. So she carried our dessert on her head. Unfortunately, I used an old plastic berry container that had holes on the bottom. I knew we weren't getting it back so I wanted to use something I didn't care about. I wasn't counting on her carrying the peanut butter bars on her head. Afterward it looked as it she had been in a peanut butter pit. (The dogs helped clean her up later!)
If we stay at Alvarado next year... which is in a big question right now, Tigo gets to join the fun. For now, he has no problem enjoying the after-party.

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