Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Nothing is true until it happens. And then even after it happens apparently it can be taken back. As is the case with the house we were intending to buy here in Albuquerque. Somewhere between Nashville and Memphis on the date of our supposed settlement I got the call that the deal went through on our house. A new annoying cloud on the title is keeping us from buying the cute little house we were hoping to call home here. I'm sure there is a reason but right now it's just annoying.

So we have been spending the last couple weeks, either hopeful that we could work it out or looking for a new home. Or contemplating leaving this place all together... almost anything is an option right now. As we are with out homes and with out jobs and can't register the kids for school anywhere until we have an address...

There is hope on the horizon that we will find another home in a better environment for us. But right now we are living in limbo in temporary housing.

On a positive note there are a ton of great things for the kids to do here in Albuquerque. We have joined the Explora, the local children's museum. Lola says it is her favorite she's been to. And we've been to a bunch all over the country. Tigo loves the BioPark and the Botanical gardens, as there are dragon's gardens and an amazing model train set. And giant "underground" garden that you can walk through and beautiful, beautiful flowers. And Azalea loves the Butterfly garden. And there's the river, and one day we'll get up to the Tram and get to the top of the mountain. So there are some really fun things to do in the midst of going crazy...

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