Thursday, August 20, 2009


I can't completely breathe a sigh of relief, but I can exhale a little.

Lola and Tigo started at their new school on Thursday. They didn't shed any tears or show too many signs of distress. Mom, over here, had another story. I almost lost it a few times as I watched Lola walk away into her class room. Luckily none of the kids noticed. Lola was able to get into the bilingual class with a great young teacher who she really likes, a class with lots of girls who have been welcoming her into their tight knit class. And there are only 15 KIDS. FIFTEEN!! How great is that. Haycock was great, but there were always at least 25 kids. How nice to be in a small class.

Tigo also has a small class of only 20 kids. His teacher, a man, is in charge of the school garden, which is attached to the community Open Space. We've been told to expect him to spend a lot of time there. Tigo gets tired to fast so I think the transition to being in school all day will be a lot harder for him though.

Azalea still attaches to me as she is unaware that we occupy two separate bodies. Luckily she is darn cute, but I've got to find her some friends to play with.

To back track a little. Because I was able to enroll them in school, this means that we have found another home. For superstition and track record purposes I will keep details few on that. But we plan to move into it over the Labor Day weekend. It's an old house, but cute and we should be happy there. Fingers crossed.

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