Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Low Down...

The low down summary... (just sent a long email to my aunts, that was good for background info and to help me remember later... here's most of it)

We are still in Arlington staying with my Dad. That has been going well. His house is sort of a townhouse style house in the Ballston area, which has become very urban in the last 10 years. The first level of the house is connect to the rest of the house, but is sort of like a 2 bedroom apartment, in that it has it's own kitchen and living area and 1.5baths. But when we still need a little extra space we can overflow into his living area. But we are MUCH messier than he is, so we try to stay below as much as possible, especially when they are not around. They being Valeri, his girlfriend, who is wonderful and who pretty much lives here also. She is really great for my dad, and wonderful with the kids. Definitely been a blessing to have around. But because the Ballston area is kind of urban, and there's no yard, I can't let the kids outside unsupervised. There is a nice playground one block away though that we can easily scoot over to.

Before we moved here in June (it's been about 6 weeks) we put all our things into 2 PODS storage containers. Only keeping some summer clothes and a few toys. So we don't have to worry about packing, anymore than you do when you go to the beach per se.

At the end of June Elmer and I flew out for 48 hrs to New Mexico. (The first time that the both of us have been gone at the same time from the kids since Tigo was born almost 7 years ago) and put an offer on a very small house. We close on the house on Tuesday of next week. The house never went on the market, and we learned about it from my friend Lisa from college in Colorado. She lives in the neighborhood and called me when the previous owner of 50 years died at age 91 while pruning his rose bushes. The estate wanted a quick sale, and we moved in for what seems to be a good deal.

Our stay at my dad's house has been prepping us for this, as it's also a 2 bedroom home. The big difference is that it's on almost half an acre on a quiet little street, walking distance to a decent bi-lingual elementary school in the North Valley area of Albuquerque. Because it's "the valley" it's greener (relative) than the rest of Albuquerque. Which will be nice to ease our East Coast eyes. While the house is small, we figure it to be a good investment. If the location doesn't seem right after we are there, we will be able to rent or sell it easy and make a profit, and we will have a place to live in the mean time. And if we do like the location, we have plenty of space to put an addition on to the home. But we'll figure out a good deal of that after we get there.

Lola's birthday is Friday. In the fashion of her highness, Queen Lola, we took her to get her ears pierced earlier this week, and she picked out some stylish back-to school clothes. (I'm not sure that she is mine. ) She'll be taking some friends to the movies on Friday night and then having a sleepover here at the house. (Wish me luck!!) Saturday we are organizing a large get together with all of the kids' friends at a local county park. A goodbye party for the kids before we head out of town.

So we are planning on leaving on Monday or Tuesday of next week. Depending on the paperwork that needs to be sent along for our house closing. We will have a little work done on the house there, old shag carpet removed, and such... And our first POD is scheduled to be delivered on Friday the 31st. So we hope to be there by then.

With the possible exception of the first day, we plan to leave early mornings (4am) and drive for about 8 hours til noon. Taking both mine and Elmer's car. So the kids can stretch out and sleep in the back. By lunch time, maybe make camp for the day, and find something fun for us to all do so we don't go too crazy. I'm still kind of planning the route. But plan to go through Roanoke, Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, OK City, (possible detour to Dallas to see 2 of Elmer's brothers' daughters), Amarillo , and onto Albuquerque...

Final stop:
832 Floretta Dr
Albuquerque, NM 87107

It has been a wild year, and it's only July!! I know each of our families' has fun and exciting stuff going on. I hope you all are enjoying all of it.


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  1. Holly,
    You write so beautifully, I see a book in your future! The adventures of the Amaya's....What do you think?
    Love you and miss you all!