Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sleeping arrangements

In our old house, our nice big house with lots of bedrooms, everyone had their own room and their own big beds to sleep in. There was space for the kids to do whatever they wanted in their rooms. Often each of the kids would go to sleep at a different time. Tigo, so sleepy would fall asleep first. Then Azalea, also so tired, would be next. But Lola, the night owl, relentlessly fighting sleep would stay up late until she absolutely had to turn off the light. I had imagined many troubles with bedtime and staying at GrandStan's house. But, one thing that has been surprisingly easy about our interim living experience has been the kids' sleeping arrangements.

Last night before I went to sleep I went to peak in on the kids. All three of them snuggled in the same bed. Queen sized bed with the long end pushed against the wall. They are all too short to really need the length of a queen bed. Lola and Azalea holding hands while dreaming. Lola gently touching Azalea's face, both asleep. And Tigo resting his head on Azalea's shoulder. Dreamy in dreamland.

This picture though is of the kids sleeping on the pull out couch at Zepp. Again, all too dreamy to miss.

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