Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Missing Pancho

He was in a way, my adult-life anchor to Virginia. Most things that happened in my life during the last 12 years were pretty much planned around or effected by his presence. Life, leisure, exercise, I even put him on my resume when I was job hunting. (Got the job I wanted too.) While it wasn't planned this way, his departure has allowed for very unusual opportunities in our departure from Virginia.

So while the plans are still in the works, the family and I, sans Pancho of course, may end up taking the craziest trip of our lives (thus far). Road trip through Central America. Destination El Salvador. I have about 2 weeks to figure it all out. Let's see what happens.

But first we have to get rid of half our stuff, pack up the other half, finish school, finish up work, laugh, play, say good-bye to everything familiar, cry, and dance a little. Not in that particular order.

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