Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Squatter on 11th Street

After all the nerves are gone, we have finally sold the house. We settled yesterday. Took the kids by the night before to say goodbye. It was so sad, as Lola quietly cried seeing her empty pink bedroom. Tigo and Azalea don't really care as much. They just really want to be with us. But Lola understands. It's nice to have the buffer of staying at my Dad's house for a couple weeks before moving on. Looks like the extended roadtrip has been ruled out by Elmer. Extended meaning into El Salvador. But still headed to New Mexico by vehicle. Approximate departure date is July 6.

But last night we drank Margaritas on the backstreets of Ballston. Stopped each and every dog that walked by, and caught fireflies into the darkness. A long day into a good night...

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