Tuesday, August 17, 2010

96 degrees in the shade

Maybe it would have been, but I'm not sure there was any shade.

So was more than that on this day.

It's funny. I thought it would be a good a idea to go hiking in the desert on a 100 degree day. The kids thought it would be a better idea to go swimming at the pool.

We did both.

The kids were right.

I was wrong. It takes a lot for me to say that. A lot of evaporated sweat. My goodness it was hot! Even the dogs were too crazy hot. To be in the sun.

 There was supposed to be a creek on the hike. But like I said, it was 100 degrees in the open desert. There's no water to  be seen or heard of.

The dogs founds a little shade to collapse into, but by that time, we were ready to go swimming somewhere else.
 But it was kinda pretty.

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