Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ch ch ch changes....

From riding the train to Santa Fe to lunch roundevous in Madrid, NM, to saying goodbye to friends in Albuquerque, to holding on tight to a house we weren't sure what it meant to us to spending three long and terribly short weeks traveling across the country, visiting 10 states before coming to our temporary - temporary home, to coming to our temporary home in Virginia, where we are now. And not even including the additional tours to Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. And of course revisiting some old local haunts in Virginia. DC... just wait, you'll see us plenty.

I am slightly overwhelmed right now with how I should proceed here with the information I've got on my hands. It's the last two months worth of crazy that I have stored up in visual form, either on my little camera or my little phone camera. There is so much that has occured, I'm not sure I can do it all chronologically. And since it's so "out of date" with regards to real time blogging... well, you'll just have to deal. Sorry. I'll put dates for when they fun or crazy occurred, but it won't be the dates of the blog post. So get ready to be jealous of all the fun we had. Or maybe you'll just say oh my stinkin' heck, I am so glad I am not that person. And maybe just for kicks I'll throw some real time info in, until I get back into the world slightly less angled than I am now.

1 husband, 2 dogs, 3 kids, and way too much stuff!!

This world is turning.

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