Monday, May 7, 2012

Goat Love

So this is not about us this time... Just marking some sweet happenings in our hood. My dear, old (not in age, but in time) friend and neighbor has been working her family towards independent sustainability. Last fall they got 2 new goats and on March 31 one of their ladies had two little baby boys.
This is not actually the mama, but the other adult goat trying to keep the little babes out of her triangle house.

The sweet little babes made it in though. How could they not. I mean really. Other goats can recognize ridiculous cuteness.

So after a short little stint, the babies moved onto another family and the milking began...

Coming out of the pen, she knows just where to go.

Mama goat has a nice big udder and doesn't mind getting milked. She gets a special nutrious treat, special for the milk production, while she gets straped to the the platform.

Nice thick, rich milk.

One pint. 2 cups. Everytime. (she topped it off after the pic to make it a full 2 cups) Consistancy in amount is important to get the white gold flowing.

Hecklers in the crowd.

So a shot from afar. I just love that the playset is right next to the chicken coop and the goat pen. It wasn't planned that way, but all the silly energy flows together.

So after the fact, the milk gets strained.

Poured through to get out dirt and particles.

And holy smokes! This picture is a sad representation of the delicious ricotta cheese that was made out of one the batches. Sweet yumminess and from right around the corner.

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