Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bring me my lucky dragon

I've fallen a bit behind on the interwebs of late. This portion at least. I've had BIG plans for the year of the Dragon. The last time the Year of the Dragon came around, my world was pretty much rock and altered and shocked into another world completely. And in all honestly, I thought my world had ended at first. But of course it just took me a little while to realize, it was just forever changed.

Of course that was the year that Lola was born. Yes that means that she'll be twelve this year. Crikey!

So I'm not sure my world could ever be rocked again like the birth of my first babe, but I'm totally looking for some good change right now. As our nice President might say, Change we can Believe in.  Yeah, but change that might happen a little quicker than ending wars and fixing the financial crisis.

So Elmer has started a new job, and I am starting my new sewing business. And our house is still for sale, (and I'm secretly, though not anymore) glad it hasn't sold yet. And we are starting down a new road in this year of the dragon. Trying to figure out what happens next.

But one thing, I'm not going to be as passive as I've been. I'm going to make these things happen. Or at least try.

But first thing. I've got to get all these stinking germs, viruses, bacteria, bugs, colds and stupid stuff out of our lives for now. So we can get moving for reals. For reals.

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