Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Too little time

Last month we traveled to Durango for a little visit. Elmer had some golfing to take care of and I had some adventure steam to blow off. I forgot how much I love Colorado.
And in my general practice of trying to fit too much activities into too short a time period, we ended up doing a lot. Besides, I haven't been to Durango (nor had any of my clan) and I don't know when we will be back. So best to do as much as you can.

There is the cliche' to live like your dying. I don't plan on dying anytime soon, but I really like to take advantage of opportunity and really kick myself when I don't.  Last summer when we were visiting VA I was talking with a friend at our swimming pool there who had spent a year in New Zealand with her family. She told me that in the course of 12 months their family had 10 sets of visitors from the states. She told me this in response to my complaining that we hadn't had many visitors here in New Mexico. I told her we might move back, and she suggested that I tell people that. So that there is more of a sense of urgency for someone who might consider coming but who would otherwise put it off or wait and wait.

I told my brother this story. And his response was that I was under the impression that New Mexico was as cool and New Zealand, and well, it probably wasn't, according to him. Phooey! But I told him that we were planning on moving back. Lo and behold he came to visit 2 months later. HA!

Anyhow.  We may move.And we might not. But there are a ton of REALLY cool things that are within a days, or half days drive that we can visit. And it's a hecka lot easier than plopping a family of 5 on a plane and renting a car. So I'm trying to get in what we can in the coming months of living it to the fullest (but not necessarily the most expensive version of the fullest).

So that is the long version of me saying I really packed us in doing a lot when we went to visit Durango. So was good, some not so good.
The stories will come.

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