Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Every 7 Year Old Boy's Dream

And apparently his sisters' also.

Lego Land was amazing. Total awe of the creations that were there. I was really not prepared for the scope of the things created.

Elmer wasn't quite sure what he was getting into. 
"You mean we are where?"
I didn't know we were coming to the Taj Mahal? (Yes, made out of Legos)
Sue and Azalea were trying to blend in with the Lego tourists.
Lola realized she could have fun at LegoLand!
Lots of Fun!
Sue and Lola became ride buddies!
Azalea pranced around town.
Tigo and Mario became one on paper.
Even the Mariachis played. Again, all Legos.
New York City. Really?
Azalea didn't feel it was necessary to wait around for the Princess meet and greet. After all, she was the Princess.
The Old man and the camel showed us the way.
And then the wolves chased us away.

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