Saturday, February 20, 2010


Gigi would have been 91 today. Her first birthday missed. She is missed but still being loved on.

She was the last direct maternal lineage that I had going. While my Aunts and older female cousins are still around, it doesn't seem right that I'm 35 and the oldest female in the direct line of my family. Of course I will carry this title for another 60 years, but still seems like a lot of responsibility.  But then again so is driving a car, and I can do that ok.

Gigi, Granmama, Gruhmama, Mom, Marie,

Four Generations of Love

Lola and Gigi in 2002
She was always dressed so festive for the holidays. Shiny too!

With some of her Great Grandkids in 2005

Azalea's first Christmas in 2005

Ok this is a Nutcracker. But she gave it to Tigo one year for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. Loves pulling it out each year and talking about how Gigi gave it to him.

Gigi, Sebby and Lola in 2007
2 of the 3 boys.
Ava Marie Bullock Brock

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