Friday, November 13, 2009

Waiting for us

Elmer left on Tuesday for El Salvador. We sent him a head so that he could go do the things that he can do better when we are not with him.  Go catch Iguana, visit obscure relatives that we don't need to meet, trade cattle, make sure that "everything" is there. Quite honestly it is very nice to have him go ahead, so that I know that all is ok before we get there. Of course I'm always a little nervous when we head to El Salvador.

 (this pic is from our last trip).

When I finally talked to him after he got there he told me a little bit about the happenings in the country. Last weekend some of the remnants of Hurricane Ida hit the country. The "remnants" turned out to be much worse than the Hurricane itself. Massive flooding and mudslides swept through parts of the small country and wiped out a town an many roads and bridges. Luckily Villa Dolores, his home town where the in-laws are and where we are staying, was not directly hit. But the bridge that leads to the town across Rio Titiquapa was completely wiped out. (Pictures to come upon my return.) And many other rock slides occurred making roads impassible.

One thing, Elmer told me, that I find interesting is the town that got wiped out and 130 people where killed and buried had an American Peace Corp worker. This wasn't on the news, but there is another Peace Corp worker in Dolores who told Elmer of this. Apparently the town received a warning from the weather advisory center that they should evacuate. But the only person that left was the Peace Corp worker. He walked for hours in the pouring rain to leave the area. Where he ended up, I have no idea. But all the people of the town remained and many people were buried under a mudslide and rubble so deep they likely won't be evacuated. I find it interesting that no one else left. Was it because the Americans are more used to warning advisories sent out from public officials? Or did the people feel like they had too much invested in their homes and didn't want to leave them?

I am so grateful that we were not in the country during the storm. For certain this will alter our travel plans, but who knows in what respect. Crops were wiped out an major destruction coupled with hunger is going on. No doubt the increase in major Hurricane storms is caused by global warming. Extreme weather systems on the rise.

Well, I'm still waiting for my passport. Did I mention that? Yes it hasn't arrived yet. Yes, the kids and I are supposed to be leaving tomorrow. Oh, only slightly concerned....

Oh yes, and did I mention that El Salvador is now a "safe" country in Central America. What exactly does safe mean anymore? Oh boy the world is a crazy place.

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