Sunday, September 20, 2009


This guy is Zepp. He's the bigger of the two. Weighed about 15-16 lbs last week when we got him. He chews a little more, so I think he might be just a little older. But still around 11 weeks. So soft and sweet. He follows me everywhere. But when he's tired he hides under the couch so the kids can't get him. Like now.

This little guy with Lola is Coyo. (As in rhyming with Yo-yo and but short for Coyote) We thought he looked like a little coyote pup and he ate a lizard with in moments of arriving in our backyard. He weighed about 5-6lbs upon his arrival and is probably about 10 weeks now. The kids sometimes favor him, mostly because he is easier to pick up. They are trying to train him to be a lap dog. Oh brother....

And different litters. So they are adopted brothers. Both mutts.

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